7 Day Challenge

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Let's get ready to Build!

This 7 Step Challenge is designed to guide you through the core questions and considerations around building a business. The steps are in a specific order on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Each step includes a video presentation, a quiz, and an assignment. You will learn proven methods of developing a business plan from our past experience.

Starting a new business today is easier than ever; more companies start-up than ever before. The reality is however that few get funded and even fewer successfully gain traction and grow.

Because of the processing power of computers, the connectivity of Mobile devices and the rise of cloud computing it is easier to develop an application or mobile website that offers a service or solution to an existing problem than ever before. But it's also easy to fail.

Many people just jump into building businesses and make enormous mistakes along the way that end up costing thousands of dollars.Some of them fail to recover from these losses, And many companies learn these hard lessons that could be completely avoided from the outset.

As experienced business builders, we want new founders to gain an unfair advantage from our past learnings. We want to see more successful companies startup and get funding. This is why we created StartupCourse.com. To give you this advantage, and to help you create success for your idea faster.

Startup Course is the #1 First Time Founder, start-up curriculum in the world. The 17 modules, which take you from idea to funding, have been developed by professors teaching at leading business schools. We have already helped more than 3500 start-up founders from over 60 countries turn ideas into fundable businesses. Over 50% of Startup Course graduates who start companies are successful in fundraising.

7 Day Challenge includes these courses

Lesson 1: Getting Ready to Build - What matters most?
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Lesson 2: The Big Picture - What exactly do you do?
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Lesson 3: Offer Modeling - A product or service?
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Lesson 4: Value Proposition - Why will anyone give you money?
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Lesson 5: Go-To-Market - Where, when, why & how?
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Lesson 6: Financial Modeling - Budgets & Cashflows
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