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You are about to give your startup a nitro boost to make it among the fastest growing startups in the world.

With decades of research from the top business schools around the world, developed a 12-step blueprint on how to effectively accelerate your startup.

Some Successful Startups That Started With Us:

Here is some word-for-word feedback from the successful startups listed above.

“This Course provides a helpful framework to evaluate ideas and understand more about their feasibility quickly”

Roger Egan III, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It was a good warm-up lap to expose us to the realities of building Redmart from the ground up.”

Vikram Rupani, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It helped us in the process of getting Nugit's story right and preparing the pitch to investors.”

David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Nugit

“It was an amazing experience and it was great to have the time to think through all the key aspects of our venture and the key strategic aspects on which we should have focused.”

Sundeep Sahni, Co-Founder, Lazada

“Knowing that Redmart went through the Startup Bootcamp helped convince me they had the right fundamentals to launch”

Neil Bearden, Investor, Redmart

Accelerator Partners

90% of Startups fail in their 1st year. We have spent years developing a blueprint to help startups succeed by:

  • Identifying a clear market segment that solves a real pain for your consumers

  • Creating a business model so that you never run out of cash

  • Create the perfect pitch to raise your first, or next, round of investment

INSIDE: Learn Exactly How You Can Start (Or Rapidly Grow) Your Own Startup!

Here is the outline of our program to help 2x your valuation

  • 1

    Introduction to Hyper Accelerator™️ by Startup Course™️

    • Welcome message from Professor of Entrepreneurship
    • Join one of our Live! MasterClasses
    • The Startup Course Canvas © - Your Secret Weapon for Learning How to Startup
    • Accessing The Startup Course Canvas©
    • Reflect: LinkedIn Community Signup
    • Try: Startup Business Idea Generator
  • 2

    Build The Right Foundation For Startup Success

    • System Test
    • Things to Consider Before You Start
    • Lecture: Building the Right Foundation
    • Quiz: Building the Right Foundation
    • Do: Startup Course Canvas Lesson #1 Framework
    • Try: Co-founder Equity Split Calculator
    • Reflect: LinkedIn Community Signup
  • 3

    Create The Next Million Dollar Startup By Thinking Big

    • What is Your Big Picture or Ultimate Purpose?
    • Lecture: Thinking Big
    • Quiz: Thinking Big
    • Do: Startup Course Canvas Lesson #2 Framework
    • Reflect: LinkedIn Community Discussion
  • 4

    Make Sure Your Customers Want Your Product With A Good Value Proposition

    • Lecture: Value Proposition
    • Quiz: Value Proposition
    • Assignment: The Value Proposition Canvas
  • 5

    Find Customers By Assessing The Market

    • Lecture: Assessing the Market
    • Quiz: Assessing the Market
    • Assignment: SWOT Analysis
    • Assignment: Total Addressable Serviceable Market
  • 6

    Get Your First Product Launched With An Minimum Viable Product

    • Lecture: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Quiz: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Assignment: The MVP
    • Optional Assignment: Product Requirements Document (PRD)
  • 7

    Get Your First 100 Customers

    • Lecture: Customer Development Process Part I
    • Lecture: Customer Development Process Part II
    • Quiz: Customer Development Process
    • Assignment: Customer Development Process
  • 8

    Run Your Startup Efficiently

    • Lecture: Execution Modeling
    • Quiz: Execution Modeling
    • Assignment: Execution Modeling
    • Optional Download: Gantt, Cashflow & Fundable Event Sheet
  • 9

    Remain Profitable

    • Lecture: Financial Modeling Part I
    • Lecture: Financial Modeling Part II
    • Quiz: Financial Modeling
    • Assignment: Financial Modeling
    • Optional Download: Gantt, Cashflow & Fundable Event Sheet
  • 10

    Startup Valuation & Exits

    • Lecture: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits Part I
    • Lecture: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits Part II
    • Quiz: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits
    • Assignment: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits
    • Optional Download: Gantt, Cashflow & Fundable Event Sheet
  • 11

    Build The Ultimate Startup Team

    • Lecture: Team, Boards & Founderitis Part I
    • Lecture: Team, Boards & Founderitis Part II
    • Quiz: Teams, Boards & Founderitis
    • Assignment: The Team Canvas
  • 12

    Build The Perfect Pitch Deck For Investment

    • Lecture: Getting Investment Part I
    • Lecture: Getting Investment Part II
    • Quiz: Getting Investment
    • Pitch Deck Generator
  • 13

    The Art Of Elevator Pitching

    • Lecture: Elevator Pitching
    • Quiz: Elevator Pitching
    • Assignment: What is your 1-sentence Pitch?
  • 14

    Closing Your First Investment

    • Lecture: Executive Summary
    • Quiz: Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary Generator
  • 15

    Graduation & Certification

    • Step 1: Rate this Course
    • Step 2: Redeem your certificate
    • Step 3: Join our LinkedIn Community
    • Step 4: Follow Us on Facebook

For the last 12 years, only the top business schools and engineering schools had access to this program.

A few key characteristics that set our course apart from the rest:

  • Time Required

    Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of insanely busy professionals like you. Get from idea to investable startup in 100 days.

  • Online and In-Person Learning

    We use a blended-learning methodology that includes online content, one-on-one mentor sessions, and group coaching. Also connect with industry partners and investors through our vast network.

  • Always-On Experience

    A virtual experience with no relocation or expensive in-classroom fees. We provide 24/7 support through an exclusive Zoom and Slack channel.

  • Action Plans

    Develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that you face.

  • Pitch Perfect

    We will help you master your pitch through constant interaction and helpful feedback. If we like your idea, we will fund it.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Get your certificate of completion upon graduation and Join our growing community of alumni on LinkedIn.

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Live Event - Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Some other recent awards that helped recognize the work of our team to help entrepreneurs globally.

Here are the resumes of the Professors and Entrepreneurs that helped build this program.

Over 50 years of Combined Startup Teaching Experience

Nilay Goyal

Nilay Goyal

Executive Director and Lead Accelerator

Nilay has built highly successful startup accelerators at two of the largest universities in Canada: Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and LaunchYU at York University. Over the years, Nilay has worked with over 500 startups that have collectively raised more than $400 million in funding. Earlier, Nilay founded a startup in the semiconductor industry, scaled its operations and led its acquisition by a large publicly listed company based in Silicon Valley, California. Nilay was 23 years old when his startup was acquired. He is currently also an Adjunct Professor for Entrepreneurship at York University, Canada, and an advisor to venture capital firms and angel investors on their investment strategies.
Peter M. Dingle

Peter M. Dingle

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship & Globalisation

Peter has nearly 20 years of experience in building multi-billion dollar corporate businesses in Asia. Peter was the creator of the Hong Kong and Singapore based Corporate Innovation Accelerators that launched 75 new High technology Startups into funding rounds across multiple industries. He is a hands-on Early Stage Investor in a portfolio of cutting-edge technology startups based in Hong Kong, who continue to expand as they solve real-world problems in Healthcare, FinTech and "internet of Things' sectors.
Ash  Singh

Ash Singh

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ash Singh is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD Business School and the Ivey Business School. Ash's entrepreneurial journey started while still a student at Chinese University in Hong Kong, he conceived and launched SNBS, a corporate social networking company which was acquired when he was just 22 years old. Ash was also one of the founders of Interactive SG - which flourished into one of Asia's leading digital media and new business accelerator based in Singapore. His flagship project "The Angel's Gate" was Asia's first crowdfunding TV platform for entrepreneurs that was aired prime-time on MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia to 30MM homes in the region.

Today, it YOUR Turn to Finally take Control of Your Time, Finances and Freedom.

How to take your startup from a survival mode to a multi-million dollar company raising funds from the top investors around the world at a boundless valuation.

How much is 2x your startup valuation worth to you?

Here is the fee structure for the program

How we Compare to the Competition

Startup Accelerator Comparison


Hyper Accelerator



500 Startups

Academic Accelerator

Guarantee to  Double (2x) Valuation of Startup (Money Back Guarantee)







Up to $150,000





Need to Relocate






Who can participate?

Sector Agnostic

Only high growth tech companies

Sector Agnostic

Only high growth tech companies

Affiliated with the institution

Powered by A.I.






Cohort size and Diversity

15 startups from around the world

175+ startups, mainly from USA

7-10 startups, mainly local

15-20 startups, mainly local


Access to content

Lifelong access to exclusive up-to-date content

Limited access during the program period

Lifetime Access

Limited access during the program period

Limited access during the program period

Years of Work Experience Required






Mentors and educators

From Global Top Tier Business Schools and successful entrepreneurs around the world

Mainly Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Mentors and entrepreneurs from the Local and Global ecosystem

Mentors and entrepreneurs from the Local regional ecosystem

Mentors and entrepreneurs from the Local regional ecosystem

Demo Day Audience

Virtual - 10,000+

In-Person – 750-1000

In-Person – 100-350 and Virtual




Paid - Results Focused

Volunteers - Time Focused

Volunteers - Time Focused

Volunteers - Time Focused

Volunteers - Time Focused

As a Startup Founder the most expensive thing to give up is Equity.

What does it really cost to participate


Hyper Accelerator



500 Startups

Academic Accelerators

Equity Cost to Participate






Program Fees






Relocation, Room & Board Costs estimated

$ 0


$20,000 - $150,000

$20,000 - $150,000

$20,000 - $150,000


$1,000 + 0% equity

~$150,000 + 7%-15% equity

~$150,000 + 12% equity

~$187,500 + 6% equity

$150,000 + variable equity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Qualified to Attend?

    Ideally companies should have been formed and have completed some business planning work and perhaps have a draft pitch deck. We will develop all of these things during the program, but companies are most successful in the program when they have created a first rough draft so they have something to work with. Companies who complete the program are considered "investment ready", meaning that they have all of the information ready to begin pitching confidently to investors for angel and venture capital.

  • Do I need to relocate to participate in the program?

    We accept companies from around the world and employ a fully virtual accelerator program. Many of our companies choose to travel to our masterclasses when we hold them in their jurisdictions for gaining added value.

  • How is the program delivered?

    Hyper Accelerator is delivered in a blended-learning approach. We use a social learning environment to deliver content videos, assignments, group coaching and live in-person masterclasses, and a virtual demo day.

  • Why is the program delivered virtually?

    Time is the most scarce resource for an entrepreneur, and we respect your time, That is why we do not require you to waste your time for travel and relocation to attend an accelerator program. A virtual program gives you the opportunity focus on building your business, while providing the flexibility to attend the program on your own schedule.

  • Why a virtual Demo Day?

    Having a virtual demo day provides your startup the boundless exposure that it deserves. Only 1% of startups actually raise money through demo days. In today's world, if you dont know how to find investors online, you are dead.

  • Why don't you take equity? Why do you charge a fee to participate?

    Because it's the most expensive thing for an entrepreneur to give away. Paying money is WAY cheaper than equity. We find that advisory is most effective when there is a token financial exchange to value their time.

  • Will I get funded? Which are the most notable companies you have worked with?

    We do not guarantee funding, but we will train you in how to do an elevator pitch, help you create a pitch deck, executive summary and introduce you to potential investors once you finish the course. The rest is up to you! We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years which have had multiple levels of success. There really are too many to name, and more great companies are joining the Hyper Accelerator network every year, but you might want to check out the following: · Redmart raised over $55 Million from investors · Lazada acquired by Alibaba for $1 Billion · Transferwise valued at $3.5 Billion after raising $292 Million in funding · North Raised over $200M from top corporate venture funds including Amazon Alexa fund and Intel Capital · Atomwise raised over $50M from world’s most renowned investors including Khosla Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Tencent Holdings, Baidu Ventures, and Dolby Family Ventures. · Forbius raised over $75M in funding to literally cure cancer · ARFront raised over $15M in funding from Alibaba Group

  • What if I don't have a team?

    No problem. We will help you discover ways to find the right team to get your startup going!

  • What if I can't afford the fees?

    Please contact our support team. We have several partial scholarships available.

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Here is what you get when you join today

Our cohort is almost full - we wont be opening doors to this program until later next year.

  • Step-By-Step Video Modules

    (Modules are released every Monday USA Eastern for 12 weeks): 12x modules, with over 30 videos, templates, assignments and quizzes Each video is a shortsharp lesson focused on you taking action and moving forward. Released weekly so that you can keep up.

  • Get Started Fast

    Every lesson comes with an assignment and a template, and an action step so that you can always keep moving forward... just fill in the blanks! We've got you covered.

  • Copy + Paste Templates

    This is not a "theoretical" course. This is about taking action and getting results. So to help you get results faster we provide you with scripts, emails and templates so you can just focus on results.

  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime:

    Tablet, mobile, laptop - you can view the course online - anywhere, at any time.

  • Accountability & Encouragement

    Get access to our coaches to get the support you need to stay focused, and access timely advice and moral support if you get stuck. (You'll probably end up with a few great friends for life too).

We want to keep the barrier to access here as low as we can.

And ultimately, we want to help you achieve your startup dream. Because if we can do that and I fully believe this course has that power— then we will achieve something I've been working towards ever since we started accelerating startups in 2008.

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