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15 Years of Research

Now in its 6th year, Hyper Accelerator (HXA) has become the world's leading startup acceleration program. We run a 100-day global program with multi-city events and online activities. Our vision is to build a tight-knit community of founders who chase shared goals and lean on each other for support. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed – not only by providing them with powerful tools, but also by supporting them to become better leaders and achieve explosive growth at their startups.

Introduction to Hyper Accelerator

Hyper Accelerator is the most proven, highest-value business transformation program – combining world-class education and hands-on mentoring with a vetted network of top investors looking for the next big thing. The Hyper Accelerator Faculty provides high quality, actionable advice and insights that work on your time, while our Envision™️ sessions will help you focus your efforts and stay accountable to your goals. Hyper participants are paired up with a personal mentor to help take them to the next level.

Founder Testimonials

“Congrats to the Hyper Accelerator team for putting together an exceptional program for startups and entrepreneurs no matter where they might be on their journey or even industry. The program had excellent content, and timely observations in an ever-changing environment, with a technology-enabled path for entrepreneurs to ensure efficiency and ability to work on your schedule and pace. It was actually a lot of fun. I wanted a global view and the Hyper Accelerator Insead University genesis, and Toronto and Singapore DNA of the team of Ash, Simran, Paul, and all the mentors and global entrepreneurs we got that perspective and insights and more. Thanks to everyone. Sincerely, Tim ”

Tim Simard

“Hyper Accelerator is one of the best startup courses I have taken so far and enjoyed every bit of the weekly meetings. The course content met my expectations and helped me prepare and refine the Dakko pitch for investors.”

Maria Messina

“Life-changing course. You won't look at your business the same way again and most importantly your level of confidence in investors' pitches will skyrocket. World-class teaching from great people (Professor Ash is amazing and the whole team has a very positive vibe). A great thank you to everyone involved in the accelerator, from Simran to Olga and Martin and everybody else, a big big thank you!”

Gianluca Ruggiero

“Truly an amazing, life-changing program and worth every $$$. The biggest value comes from the execs they pair you with. Ash, Paul, and Simran were so responsive and invested in our success. We've already raised money with the guidance of Paul and Ash. TRY TO WORK WITH PAUL BRADLEY - MAN IS A GENIUS.”

Jason Patel

“This is a great program for a startup, regardless of its development stage. Professor Ash Singh and Professor Nilay Goyal did an awesome job at clarifying which are the main steps in building a business and how to act upon it. Their input contributed to our decision to focus on using indexAR to address the challenges in Real Estate. ”

Razvan Boldis

“Attending the Startup Course #HyperAccelerator program has been empowering, thrilling experience in my life as an entrepreneur. I knew that this program is the most diverse, open accelerator program in the world, I was well served to have to work with entrepreneurs from Chile, the US, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, and Nigeria ... Thank you Simran, Nilay & Ash for this mind-opener opportunity.”

Solofo Rafenombolatiana

“I just finished the Hyper Accelerator, and it was totally worth my time and effort. I love the frameworks that they work with through the program as they truly synthesize a lot of the knowledge needed to set your startup for success. The operating team and instructors were always there to answer questions and support us. Really great program!”

Maria Navas-Moreno


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