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What We Offer To Founders

Our 6-month programs are designed to provide founders with valuable guidance and peace-of-mind for the whole program.

Select from the 3 coaching plans. All plans come with the Startup Course Blueprint for FREE and a certification of completion.

  • Startup Course with 1 Coaching Call


    • 1 follow up coaching call after completion of course.
    • Submission of pitch deck and executive summary.

  • Personal Accelerator Plan

    6 Monthly Payments of $2,000

    • 6 x Monthly Coaching Sessions focused on 3-5 key breakthrough areas
    • Final Review and Investor Preparation
    • Investor Leads

  • Interim Co-Founder Plan

    6 Monthly Payments of $5,000

    • 12 x Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions focused on 3-5 key breakthrough areas
    • Final Review and Investor Preparation
    • Investor Leads

Why Join Us?

Our unique business coaching programs starts with a focus on growth in every area of business and life, and from that flows the freedom every entrepreneur dreams of. In our programs, we see those dreams become reality every day.

  • Stay relevant by engaging and building relationships with high-caliber founders

  • Leverage your entrepreneurial experience by incorporating innovative tech and create new business models.

  • Infuse your unique culture with startup energy and drive new opportunities with founders

  • Generate income on your time virtually with flexible working hours

  • Long-term investment opportunities with Startups that you coach

How You Benefit As A Coach

One-Time Plan Personal Accelerator Plan Interim Co-Founder Plan
Scope 1 on 1 coaching with 1 coaching session 1 on 1 coaching with 6 coaching sessions spread over 6 months

1 on 1 coaching with 12 sessions spread over 6 months

Time Commitment 1.5 hours a month per student 2 hours a month per student 4 hours a month per student
Marketing Support Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Sales Support Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
CRM Support Yes Yes Yes
Profit-Sharing (You/Us) 60% / 40% 60% / 40% 70% / 30%
One - Time Refundable Setup Fee Deposit USD  $10,000 USD  $10,000
USD  $10,000
Pre-requisites Invest in Assessment, Coaching Calls & light guidance Invest in Assessment, Coaching Calls & moderate guidance

Invest in Assessment, Coaching Calls & Consultative work

Your Projected Monthly Revenue

USD$5,000 - $15,000 USD$10,000 - $60,000 USD$50,000 - $150,000

Help founders explore their full potential

Are you ready to be a coach?

Our Award-Winning Course

  • Time Required

    Coaching is an intensive 6-month program spread over 6 to 12 mentoring calls. We advise 1 call per month to stay on track.

  • Blended Learning

    All coaches and founders get lifelong access to our exclusive Online Learning Environment. Find all of our up-to-date course materials at any given time!

  • Always-On Experience

    A virtual experience with no relocation or expensive on-site training fees. We provide an engaging and scalable coaching solution through Slack for larger cohorts.

  • Action Plans

    You will help founders develop personal, actionable plans to scale their strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities through our 12-step curriculum.

  • Investment

    You will help founders master your pitch through constant interaction and helpful feedback. If we like your idea, we will fund it.

  • Certificate of Completion

    All students will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation and will be part of our growing community of alumni on LinkedIn.

90% of Startups Fail In Their 1st Year

How you can make an impact by helping founders avoid the top 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs make!

  • Help founders identify a clear market segment that solves a real pain for their users.

  • Help founders unlock business models so that they never ever run out of cash.

  • Help founders to create the perfect pitch with clear asks to raise their next round of investment.

Be instrumental in changing lives

Are you ready to be coach?

Sample Startups We've Helped Launched

Why Entrepreneurs Love Startup Course

“This Course provides a helpful framework to evaluate ideas and understand more about their feasibility quickly”

Roger Egan III, Co-Founder, Redmart

“This Course was a good warm-up lap to expose us to the realities of building Redmart from the ground up.”

Vikram Rupani, Co-Founder, Redmart

“Startup Course helped us in the process of getting Nugit's story right and preparing the pitch to investors.”

David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Nugit

“The Startup Bootcamp was an amazing experience and it was great to have the time to think through all the key aspects of our venture and the key strategic aspects on which we should have focused.”

Sundeep Sahni, Co-Founder, Lazada

“Knowing that Redmart went through the Startup Bootcamp helped convince me they had the right fundamentals to launch Redmart.com”

Neil Bearden, Investor, Redmart

Over 50 years of Combined Startup Experience

Our Team of Coaches

Paul Kewene-Hite

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Paul is multiple time winner of the INSEAD Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the creator of INSEAD’s Startup Bootcamp. Paul teaches entrepreneurship courses and is the lead professor on INSEAD’s popular elective "Your First Hundred Days" which teaches students how to turn around a failing company. Paul has decades of work experience with start-ups, major technology companies, investment capital, consulting, and government initiatives. He has successfully worked in every corner of a technology company from answering the telephone and emails in technical support to finance to sales and business development to CEO. 

Ash Singh

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ash Singh is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD Business School and the Ivey Business School. Ash's entrepreneurial journey started while still a student at Chinese University in Hong Kong, he conceived and launched SNBS, a corporate social networking company which was acquired when he was just 22 years old. Ash was also one of the founders of Interactive SG - which flourished into one of Asia's leading digital media and new business accelerator based in Singapore. His flagship project "The Angel's Gate" was Asia's first crowdfunding TV platform for entrepreneurs that was aired prime-time on MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia to 30MM homes in the region.

Peter M. Dingle

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship & Globalisation

Peter has nearly 20 years of experience in building multi-billion dollar corporate businesses in Asia. Peter was the creator of the Hong Kong and Singapore based Corporate Innovation Accelerators that launched 75 new High technology Startups into funding rounds across multiple industries. He is a hands-on Early Stage Investor in a portfolio of cutting-edge technology startups based in Hong Kong, who continue to expand as they solve real-world problems in Healthcare, FinTech and "internet of Things' sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an MBA degree to be a coach?

    No business degree is required. What we do require is for you to have at least 5 years of Startup experience, having played a founding role in a profitable Startup. If you have raised money and/or exiting your Startup, that would be a bonus.

  • How is coaching delivered?

    Our coaching programs are delivered in a blended-learning approach. We use a social learning environment to deliver our 12-step curriculum such as whiteboard animation videos and assignments. 1 on 1 coaching calls are through video conferencing tools such as Zoom.

  • What is the time commitment like?

    Our coaching program last for 6-months, spread over 6 to 12 mentoring calls. We advise 1 call per month to stay on track with your students.

  • Do I have to source and close the deals with students?

    No, you don't. We have a marketing and sales team in place to source for founders. However, you are required to assess potential students for good coach-student fit.

  • Will I be assessed too?

    Yes, you will be rated by your students after each coaching session with a performance score.

  • Will I get to invest with the founders?

    In the event of an investment ask, please inform us in writing within seven days of being approached. We are open to exploring investment and/or equity opportunities.